Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks Proclamation

    This page is dedicated to the many women and men who have given of themselves to the freedoms of our great country.
"As long as Veterans shall live and those that have passed, they shall not be forgotten." This is more than just a motto of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, this is a way of life.
The Vets of our country have given everything for us to enjoy the wonderful freedoms on a daily basis. This page is just a small token of the appreciation that we try to extend to them on a daily basis. Please join us in Thanking them for there duty and dedication to the American Way. God Bless our Country, and God watch over our Servicemen, Active or Retired.

Important Vet Info - Fraud Alert
From: Joseph Armstrong President Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1044 ALL: The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a fraud alert about a marketing scam that is targeting veterans who misdial the VA National Call Center (800-827-1000) or the GI Bill Call Center (888-442-4551) phone numbers. A marketing company created two phone numbers that differ from the real VA numbers by one digit. If a veteran misdials and calls the bogus number, the answering party will offer a gift card and try to obtain sensitive personal data, to include credit card information. Please note that the VA will "never" ask for credit card or banking information over the phone. The two bogus numbers are 800-872-1000 and 888-442-4511. Please forward this information to all your members, Posts and friends, and share it on your websites. The bottom line is make sure you know who you are talking to before providing personal information over the phone. The VA has notified law enforcement authorities. For a list of toll-free VA phone numbers, go to the VA's Inquiry Routing & Information System webpage at Regards, Joe Davis Public Affairs Director VFW Washington Office

Online directory for those listed on the Vietnam War Memorial

Scam targeting VA recipients
Three Organizations Collaborate to Furnish New Veterans Facility in Claremont, NH
Tax Credit for Employers who hire Returning Heros

"Elks Offer Help and Hope to Youth, Veterans and Communities"

Playing cards for vets
By Roger R. True, PGER Past Chairman, Grand Lodge Veterans' Service Committee

    Playing cards for veterans is a program that goes hand in hand with our "Adopt-A-Veteran" Program. This activity will give a hospitalized veteran something to do rather than just passively sitting and watching television. These cards can also be distributed with your comfort care kits. They also can be a part of any activity for our veterans or active-service men and women. Through the dedicated and hard work of Brother Tom Jamison of Beardstown, Ill. Lodge No. 1007, who has made arrangements with several riverboats and casinos, we are able to offer playing cards for our hospitalized veterans to use. Last year we distributed over 40,000 decks of playing cards to our veterans, valued at more than $80,000. With the help of Elks volunteers, their spouses, family and friends, each deck of cards is checked to make sure all cards are in good condition and the deck is complete. After the decks are checked, a "Playing Cards for Veterans" sticker with the logo of the Elks National Veterans Service Commission is placed on each deck of cards. These cards are free of charge! To get free playing cards for our veterans, send your request on Lodge letterhead to:

Tom Jamison, Chairman
Playing Cards for Veterans Program
12102 Chandlerville Road
Beardstown IL 62618-7679

National Service Commission

John "Jack" Balch PER
33 Reflections Drive
Hudson, NH 03051
Nashua Lodge #720
Home: 603-765-2844

VAVS Representatives
Ray Greenlaw, PER VAVS
Norm Lavallee, Deputy VAVS
Sandra Shene, PER, PDD, PSP, VAVS
George LaBonte, PER, PDD, PSP, Deputy VAVS